‘The Invisible City’: what is it?


During the past four years I have been exploring in depth Venice, my home city, and I took many unusual pictures of it. Using my own limited savings, I have started up a project called ‘The Invisible City’.

Through my photographs, I strive to show the true essence and soul of Venice, unseen to those visiting it.  Venice is a city that trough the millennia brought to us history and unparalleled architecture. Nevertheless, it is not a still-life exposition in a museum; it lives to a full extent trough his environment and inhabitants (the latter is too often a unappreciated perspective).


Often the news are describing how Venice is suffocating and dying under the pressure of an invasion of tourists that are not showing much respect for this ancient city. What the reporters forget to point out is that the tourists are not exclusively responsible for the destruction of the city: the politicians and all the people that are taking advantage of the city with in their mind the only purpose of monetary gain they are responsible too. The ongoing exodus of inhabitants fleeing from the city is often lamented in the media, but nobody points out that there are incentives in favour of those moving outside the city limits. They forget to tell that the historical palaces, the shops and workshops have been sold out, without any care for keeping and preserving the city own culture.

Those aforementioned are only a few aspects of what is by now a gigantic problem, since in the meantime the canal dredges and the large scale civil works (as the ‘Moses’ flood flap-gate barriers) have modified the ecosystem of the lagoon and provoked uncontrollable tides, as well as the waves due to boat traffic have increased the corrosion of the wooden foundation poles that held the whole city up.

In other words, Venice is dying. In stark contrast, the image that is shown to the rest of the world is akin to the cover of an advertising brochure, and does not reflect the soul of a place that is certainly no Disneyland.


I am persuaded that respect comes from understanding. That is the reason why I am committed to disclosing the human nature of this city. An image can tell a story that is comprehensible to everyone: it can arouse emotions, send a message and, above all, preserve memory.

‘The Invisible City’ is not only a photographic book; it will contain also short tales in form of an imaginary dialogue between a Venetian and a tourist, in which an elderly inhabitant of Venice will recount short stories set within the ‘Invisible City’.

This Project is looking for a publisher; for any information, please, CONTACT ME

‘The Invisible City’ needs any possible help in order to succeed. If you deem
this project to be worthy, please help to spread out the voice amongst your
friends, and propagate this campaign between acquaintances, including the use of
social media as Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

The warmest heartfelt thanks to you all.